The program

As organizers, our responsibility is to create the arena, then event participants – NGO’s, businesses, political parties, the media and others - create the content which makes Arendalsuka. In 2022 – around 1400 organizers produced 1725 events and there were 200exhibition stands in the centre of Arendal.

Main program

As organizers we also produce the main programme in Arendalsuka, approx. 35-40 events taking place in Arendal town hall and culture house or in the square of ‘Kanalplassen’.
Anyone is invited to suggest themes of interest to the main committee, with a deadline of December 1st for the upcoming year.

Arendalsuka Ung (for children and youth)

The word "ung" means ‘young’, or ‘youth’, in Norwegian, and Arendalsuka Ung is a natural part of our democracy week. The Arendalsuka Ung programme is also produced mainly by Arendalsuka and consists of several events for children and youth from the age of 4 to 19 years, all with the purpose of promoting involvement and participation in our society. Anyone is welcome to host an event for Arendalsuka Ung, please contact us for further information.


There is a variety of cultural events during the week, such as concerts, plays and other types of performances.

The Arendalsuka program

The full program can be accessed on our website, in our Arendalsuka app, and in our Arendalsuka magazine. All publications will be in Norwegian. 
Arendalsuka - full program. (in Norwegian only)

Events in English

English speaking events will be marked in the program. 


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