Organising an event?

What is an event?

An event is a debate, a seminar, a conversation, or any format that includes discussions concerning societal issues.

Who can create/organise an event?

All organisations, businesses, media and political parties can organise and host an event during Arendalsuka.

All events that meet Arendalsuka’s criteria will be a part of the program.
When you plan your event, remember that you are responsible for all content and details regarding your event. We are extremely proud of the quality of Arendalsuka. This is a direct result of having co-organisers who all accept their part of the responsibility by respecting and following our criteria. When organising Arendalsuka, we make no exceptions to the criteria, so please make sure you take them into consideration before you sign up your stand and/or event.
Please make sure your event follows the criteria below.

Arendalsuka Criteria’s

  • All legal organisations, political parties and businesses can organise and host an event during Arendalsuka.
  • The event organiser is responsible for following Norwegian law, as well as all mentioned criteria.
  • The organiser is responsible for the practical implementation of the event – content, participants, the audience, marketing, economy, and security.'
  • The person applying/registering for the event on our website is responsible for following the criteria. When collaborating with others this person has a particular responsibility to inform the rest of the crew/staff.
  • It is the societal issues that are to be the core of the event description/presentation. Therefore:
    • All venues should be described with the original name for the venue. For example, the name of the restaurant, hotel, boat, or street address.
    • The title shall not include the name of the organiser or a product.
    • The title shall not include alcohol or other wording that encourage drinking alcohol, such as ‘vorspiel’, pub, wine og similar.
    • In the description/presentation of the event the societal issue should be in focus, and not be perceived as advertisement for a product or a company.
    • No handouts or gifts should be described in the event description.
    • Capital letters is not allowed in the title, except for grammatic reasons (to ensure all events gets the same attention).
    • Arendalsuka’s main program consists of a few annual events, such as ‘Partilederdebatten’ (party leader debate), ‘Ungdomspartilederdebatten’ (youth party leader debate) and ‘Åpningsfest’/The official opening. To avoid misunderstandings, events with the same name or similar, will not be accepted.
  • The event should be open to all public and be free of charge.
  • Closed events will not be part of the program.
  • It is not allowed to put restrictions for the audience, such as an 18-year limit.
  • Please inform the participants and the audience where to find emergency exits, fire extinguishers and first-aid kit.
  • Be aware of how many people are allowed in the venue, and do not allow more than that.
  • No tickets or “registration in advance” is allowed. In certain cases, we do accept pre-registration, this is mainly in events with children or youth. Serving food or a small venue is not a valid reason to have preregistration.
  • Posters, banners, TV screens outside the venue are allowed up to a of maximum 1 x 2 meters. This is to ensure all participants have the same possibility of marketing their event.
  • Handing out flyers in your event is ok, but not outside or around in the city.
  • Sound systems for speeches or music is not allowed when it disturbs neighbouring events. For events outside (tents or boats) sound systems are not allowed. Sound shall be limited to the venue’s outer limits.
  • Please make sure to make environmentally friendly choices. All events meeting our sustainability requirements will be rewarded with a green M icon beside their listing in the program.
  • When leaving your event make sure everything is taken away. Recycling stations can be found near you.
  • All organisers have a certain responsibility to enable people with disabilities entrance to the venue. If your venue is not designed for universal accessibility, please encourage the audience to reach out in advance so you can prepare for assistance. For more information about universal accesibility (in Norwegian only)
  • You are welcome to use our organiser-logo when marketing you stand. Download the organiser-logo (in Norwegian only) 
  • Organisers with a need of extra security must inform Arendalsuka. The cost must be covered by the organiser. It is not allowed to hire own security without approval from Arendalsuka.
  • Arendalsuka should be a safe place for everyone. As responsible for your stand, you are responsible to ensure all your staff follows Arendalsuka’s Code of Conduct. A safe meeting-place (in Norwegian only)
  • An organiser who proclaims an anti-democratic or violent message is not allowed to participate.

Event guide

What is your societal issue?

Arendalsuka is about society's opportunities and challenges. What question would you like to put on the agenda?

First step – find a venue

Popular venues are sought after and therefore it is recommended to find a location to host your event as a first step. You will need to reach out to the different venues yourself and make an agreement. An overview of all venues can be seen here. (in Norwegian only) 

Create interest for your event

Who is your target group? Adapt the content to fit them. Should it be a debate, conversation, workshop, seminar, or another format? Formal or informal? Make sure you have an interesting panel, when everyone agrees, events tend to be boring.. Is it possible to include the audience? Get creative!

A good moderator

Is well prepared, firm and keeps good track time.

Length of event

A debate should not be more than 1 hour. Other format lengths depend on content but remember you are competing with more than 1000 other events, and shorter events are often more popular.

A politician in your event?

Applications to get a politician to your event must be done through our website. Coordinators from the political parties will respond if possible. Link to the politician application form. (in Norwegian only)

Food and beverage?

If serving food and beverage is an option, consider what is most practical to serve a crowd. Remember environmentally friendly serving equipment. If you wish to serve alcohol, you must apply for an alcohol permit long before the event.

Apply for alcohol permit

Apply for a permit from Arendal Municipality.

Design for universal accessibility

Arendalsuka is open to everyone, and our goal is for everyone to participate regardless of functional ability. Therefore, please ensure everyone has access to your event.

Don’t leave a footprint

Please make environmentally friendly choices. All events meeting our sustainability requirements will be rewarded with the green M icon beside their listing in the program.

Marketing your event

All approved events will be visible in the Arendalsuka program on our webpage, app and the official Arendalsuka magazine, published the week before the event. In addition to the program, you are welcome to place an ad in the magazine for money, the publisher of the magazine may take contact about this.

In addition, we strongly suggest marketing your event in your own channels and network. For press coverage, consider contacting journalists/media in advance. You are welcome to use our organiser-logo when marketing you event. Download the organiser-logo (in Norwegian only) 

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