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Arendalsuka is an national annual event and has since 2012 been the largest political gathering in Norway. The event has a clear mission to strengthen the belief in political empowerment and democracy through an open debate and involvement.

We aim to lower the threshold for political participation and inspire to civic engagement, by creating a politically independent forum where everyday citizens meet political leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, governmental organizations, media and NGO's.

Arendalsuka takes place every year in mid-August, week 33. For 5 days, we fill the city of Arendal with an interesting and educational variety of exhibitions and events.


We create the arena, and we invite participants to create the content that makes Arendalsuka.

Anyone can host an event during Arendalsuka. In 2019, we proudly included 1261 events hosted by organisations, businesses, political parties and others from all of Norway. To be part of the Arendalsuka program, there are some rules regarding all events must apply to. You can read more about this below.

We will open for event and stand application in “politisk gate” (political fair) mid February. Please apply on our website.

Full event program. Please note that the list is in Norwegian.
Events in English. If you have questions regarding the program, please contact post@arendalsuka.no

Main Program

Arendalsukas also has a main program with approximately 30 - 40 events. Most of theese events takes place in Arendal Town Hall and Cultural House and the square called Kanalplassen. The main program is arranged by Arendalsukas own Program Committee.

See the main programme. Please note that the list is in Norwegian. If you have questions please contact post@arendalsuka.no

Covid-19 and infection control

Infection control rules for events

All organisers must keep updated on national infection control rules and follow these. We are now in the 3rd stage of the government's reopening plan. See rules that apply to events at helsenorge.no 

Covid-19 certificate

There is no general requirement for a covid-19 certificate during Arendalsuka, but the individual organiser can choose whether they want to use this.

Arendalsuka will set up a test station where people who do not have a green certificate can take a rapid antigen test. Negative antigen test gives green corona certificate for 24 hours.

Visitor registration

Registration of participants is required at all events. Registration can be done via QR code reader or by making a list.

Streets with people and stands

The stand exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that everyone who visits their stand follows the advice for infection control.

To the public - please help us keep Arendalsuka covid-free

  • Stay at home if you are ill.
    Common and early covid symptoms are headache, sore throat, runny nose, fever and cough.
  • Keep your distance from others
  • Follow the organisers requirements for registration, covid-19 certificate and other infection control measures.
  • Download the Helsenorge app so that you have a corona certificate easily accessible. If you do not have a green corona certificate, you can take a quick test at Arendalsuka's test station. Negative test gives green passport for 24 hours.
  • Download and use the Infection Control app – Smittestopp 

Updated: August 11th

How to take part in Arendalsuka

There are several ways to take part in Arendalsuka.

  • As a visitor or participant in events, informal meetings or in the Political fair (Politisk gate)
  • As an exhibitor with a Stand in Political fair (Politisk gate)
  • As an organizer of events

Visitor and participant

As a private person and a visitor, you are welcome to drop by any of the stands and events during the week. All initiatives are free, and seats are handed out on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Stand at The political fair

All political parties and organisations can organize and host a stand in our Political fair (Politisk gate). The Political fair is open all day during the week, and visitors can walk around and meet with exhibitors. When you apply for organizing a stand, please make sure your stand follow the criteria below.

Event organizer

All organisations, businesses and political parties can organize and host an event during Arendalsuka. When you plan your event, remember that you are responsible for all content and details regarding your event. Please make sure your event follow the criteria below.

If you have questions regarding participation, events or stands, please contact post@arendalsuka.no

Criteria for Stand and Event

We are extremely proud of the quality of our event. This is a direct result of having Co-Organizers who all accept their part of the responsibility by respecting and following our criteria. In Arendalsuka, we make no exceptions from our criteria, so please make sure you take them into consideration before you sign up your stand and/or event.

Stands and Events shall:

  • Raise social- and publicly beneficial themes
  • Be open to all public
  • Be free and without tickets
  • Be placed and held in Arendal City Centre

In respect and consideration for everyone participating in Arendalsuka, it is not allowed to:

  • Sell or promote a product, business or service
  • Run membership campaigns or collect moneyt
  • Hand out brochures, pamphlets or other material outside of the assigned area
  • Use sound or visual effects that can disturb or be seen outside of the assigned area

Event organizer criteria

  • All legal organisations, political parties and businesses can organize and host an event during Arendalsuka
  • All legal, non-commercial organizations and political parties can organize and host a stand during Arendalsuka
  • The event or stand organizer is responsible for following Norwegian law as well as all mentioned criteria. The organizer is also responsible for all content and details regarding the event or stand
  • An organizer who proclaims an anti-democratic or violent message is not allowed to participate

Arendalsuka Ung (for children and youth)

The word "ung" means young in Norwegian, and Arendalsuka Ung is a natural part of our democracy week. Our goal is to arrange an including and fun week for children and youth from 4 to 19 years, and invite them to take part in activities and events that promote involvement and participation in our society. Arendalsuka Ung aims to be fun and including, and we welcome all questions from curious young minds.

All activities and events are open for everyone. Free entrance.

Inquiries about Arendalsuka Ung can be sent by mail to our Arendalsuka Ung coordinator.

Short history and facts

Arendalsuka was founded in 2011. Since 2012, the week has been the largest political gathering in Norway. Arendalsuka was part of founding the Nordic and Baltic Festival Network of similar gatherings that all cooperate and contribute to the overall mission.

Almedalsveckan in Sweden was the democracy festival that inspired a few individuals to initiate a similar gathering in Norway – now known as Arendalsuka. Arendalsuka is thus a result of co-creation between the municipality, national- and local political parties, NGO's, universities, research institutions and private companies.

All events during the week are admission free and open to everyone.

Facts and numbers from 2019

  • Stands: 204
  • Events: 1261
  • Press: 438
  • Visitors: 75 200
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